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Praise for The Quality of Effort

“The Quality of Effort is an incredibly valuable book for our times. Be it in amateur or professional sport, young athletes are suffering pressures from parents, coaches, the sport culture itself and the structures upon which sport sits. The consequences can be so deleterious that student-athletes who struggle with anxiety and fear throughout their growth in sport often become adults with excess unconscious “baggage” that makes it difficult for them to be fulfilled and joyful in life.

“As I read The Quality of Effort, having been an elite athlete myself, I identified powerfully with the depth of Reggie’s message. This is an absolute must-read for all parents, coaches and student-athletes!”   – Nuno Matos, MSc, PhD & Integral Master Coach™ |  Nuno Matos Integral™ at  | Skype:


The Quality of Effort inspires coaches and parents to divert their eyes from the scoreboard and focus on nurturing the heart, mind and body of today’s young athlete. Reggie Marra offers a blueprint that encourages our children to become not only better athletes but better people. He delivers a powerful message filled with humanity and honest answers to questions that we sometimes think but may not want to ask. The Quality of Effort is a wonderful read and I would recommend it to anyone who works with kids, is a kid, or is living vicariously through their kids (you know who you are).” – Anthony Perrone, VP, Challenger Division, Cortland American Little League

The Quality of Effort is a profound embrace of Emerson’s reminder that ‘Life is a journey, not a destination.’ Reggie Marra has, with a master’s touch and rapier wit, illustrated that the essential value of effort is in the quality of the lesson we have learned—and not in the victory or defeat on the field of battle. The book is an incredibly personal gift from Reggie to the reader, written through and with his bountiful, open heart.” – Tom Rubens, Founder, The Accountability Factor  |

“As a former college athlete and longtime leader of high-performance military units, I recommend Reggie Marra’s work with unbridled enthusiasm. Whether you are a student-athlete, parent or coach, this book’s proven practices will greatly enhance your performance in and enjoyment of youth, interscholastic and intercollegiate sports. Reggie’s savvy discussion of integrated training, competent coaching, and the importance of a proper training environment helps the reader clearly visualize a successful path of development. Following this comprehensive approach to training will not only produce better athletes, but also happier and healthier citizens as our youth grow and take their place in the world. I hope for the sake of student-athletes everywhere that this book gets the appreciation it deserves. How much happier we would all be if we could travel a healthy path of development supported by quality practices, competent and caring coaches/teachers, and a nurturing learning environment.”  – Fred Krawchuk, Retired U.S. Special Forces Colonel and RAND Consultant

The Quality of Effort has helped me reinterpret my career as a professional athlete – providing both relief and direction. The book’s message would have been invaluable years ago when I was starting out as well as at the height of my career. Reggie Marra offers a map to tomorrow’s competitive edge, a map that requires effort – not necessarily in doing more drills or pushups, but in taking responsibility for all aspects of your approach to life.” – Ryan Leech, Professional Mountain Biker (Retired) and Professional Integral Coach™

“The Quality of Effort is an incredibly insightful guide for how to bring integrity and passion into sport as well as into life. Mr. Marra takes a truly integrated approach to the role of sport in life and along the way lays out what is necessary to get the most out of being an athlete—at any level. An added bonus here is that he is a brilliant and witty storyteller who clearly speaks from the heart. I would consider this book a must-read for any parent whose child is interested, or already involved, in sports. I may also give this book to my child’s coaches to cover all the bases, so to speak!” -Michael Sallustio, Parent, Nutritional Consultant and Personal Trainer,

“I applaud this 2013 revision of Reggie Marra’s The Quality of Effort on three primary fronts. First, his personal story embodies the passion and possibility that sports training and competition provide for those who engage it. Second, narrating his story through an integral lens adds a holistic, relevant complexity and robustness to how we think about sport, which is such a vital element of our cultural lifestyle, and in much need of an integral assessment of its impact on student-athletes, parents and coaches. Finally, in focusing on the quality of effort we apply to our endeavors, Reggie has targeted an almost completely ignored and under-valued domain of emphasis. By triangulating sports through a frame composed of talent, effort and results, when all three are given their due attention in relationship to each other, a new perspective emerges: development. Sports can and does play an instrumental role in the healthy unfolding of a human life. If we take advantage of Reggie’s frame of understanding—highlighting the role of effort, in relationship to talent and results, as an equally important consideration in our definition of success—we have a grand opportunity from which we can chart a significantly improved learning and developmental pathway for generations of student-athletes to come.” – Cherie Beck, Cultural Technologist,

“After reading this book, I wish I could redo my entire childhood sports experience….While I credit baseball with saving my life by keeping me off the street and away from the wrong crowd, I never gave much thought to how much it has made me a better friend, a better husband and a better business owner. After reading The Quality of Effort, I get it.” – from the Foreword to the 2013 Edition, Robert Gambardella, CPA, CTA, Concierge Tax Services  |

 Praise for the 1991 Edition
(bylines as they originally appeared—most have changed)

Like Retro? View and Download the 1st Edition Brochure

“While everyone is obsessed with the ‘All-American,’ Reggie Marra cares about the everyday athlete. As I read The Quality of Effort, I had constant flashbacks to my high school playing days. I know that if I had had this book back then, all of my athletic experiences would have been more productive and more enjoyable. This book will hit home for anyone who has ever competed in sports.” – Mike Breen, Sportscaster, New York

“This book will make you stop and think, and ask if we’re doing what is best for our children. Mr. Marra has done a beautiful job preparing the coach, parent and student-athlete for what’s ahead.” Kieran Stack, 1989 & 1990 Irish National Champion, 3,000-meter Steeplechase

“Finally a book saying yes we can combine competitive programs with integrity! Keep up the good work! I believe in what you are doing and am glad to have a person with your heart involved in sports.” – Tammy Perry, Women’s Basketball Coach, Chowan College, Murfreesboro, North Carolina

“This book is on target in every one of its sections. Players, coaches, administrators, parents—anyone interested in sports—should read it. There is a clear value statement that all can identify and identify with. Seeing sports through Reggie Marra’s eyes puts sports in perspective. If I had any complaint, it would have been that there was not more—I was sorry it ended…” – Michael V. Mincieli, PhD, Guidance Counselor, Head Basketball Coach, Regis High School, NYC

“Mr. Marra focuses on the positive. He reminds us of what is good about our sport experiences, as well as what we could and should be providing in the way of experiences for our children and athletes.” – Lou Duesing, Head Coach, Women’s Track and Cross-Country, Cornell University

“I cannot see someone not being bettered upon reading this book.” – Lou Carnesecca, St. John’s University, Member of the Basketball Hall of Fame

“A totally comprehensive view on the development of the young athlete, and an enlightening approach for those who believe in the blue collar work ethic.” – Fran Clemente, Head Coach, Women’s Basketball, Iona College, New Rochelle, New York

“The connection that I have always felt lies so strongly between sports and life is apparent throughout this book…it is a must read for anyone. I like the clear, concise way that nutrition, muscle physiology and training are presented—simple things that people are not aware of.” – Lisa Toscano, Assistant Trainer; Instructor, Physical Education & Biology, Manhattan College

“There are nuggets, gems, in The Quality of Effort that will help me in my day-to-day coaching….Your insights are not only of the ‘nail-on-the-head’ variety; they are consistently succinct….They speak to the heart of the matter, gleaned as they have been from your intense and thoughtful years as a coach….The young people I interact with will benefit through your thoughtfulness, insight and succinctness. Your book was invaluable as both a ‘how-to’ and as a gentle reminder of ‘how- to-do-it-better.’” – Pete Strickland, Assistant Basketball Coach, Old Dominion University

“Reggie Marra touches on all of the important aspects of coaching, parental concerns and appropriate athletic perspectives. From Pop Warner to the professional ranks, this book is mandatory reading.” – Harold Crocker, Head Football Coach, Iona College, New Rochelle, New York

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Quality of Effort. It is an excellent study in value interpretations. I find the book obviously very instructive, but also highly challenging….I would like to see your book adopted for use at the college level in our teacher training institutions. Thanks for a very good book and some very challenging thoughts.” – Don King, Basketball Coach, Washington High School, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“As a former college basketball player and now a college coach, I thoroughly believe in the principles of your book. I am glad that someone finally took the time to put such valuable information into writing.” – Cathi Evans, Women’s Basketball Coach, Clark State Community College, Springfield, Ohio

“Reggie Marra’s unique book will help anyone who reads it put sport in its proper perspective. It should be on the reading list of all student-athletes and their parents.” – Richard Lapchick, PhD, Director, Center for the Study of Sport in Society, Northeastern University

“If you’re interested in the development of human potential, The Quality of Effort provides excellent insight into the necessary knowledge, attitude and skills.” – Mike McGrath, Dean of Students, Iona College

“As the father of four student-athletes, I have found this book sensible, to the point, instructive, and brave. Imagine a writer who is not afraid to confront issues head-on with sound values, directness, and an unmistakable love of kids and sport—in that order! This down-to-earth story presents the day-to-day realities and truths that our children need to be fed on since most of them will live their lives, not in the professional sports arena, but in the even more challenging world of family, career and society. Those life players who reduce all things to profit and profiteering have seldom given us what we and our kids really need. Reggie Marra gives it to us in this rare book.” – from the Foreword to the 1st edition, by Tom Rogers, Tucson, Arizona


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