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From “The Quality of Effort” Chapter 8:

“It is the job of coaches and parents to encourage those dreams [of playing sports as a career] and to prepare the student-athlete cognitively, emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually for the day…when a primary activity other than sport is appropriate. The student-athlete who receives only playing time and notoriety from his or her schooling is being cheated.”

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“The Quality of Effort inspires coaches and parents to divert their eyes from the scoreboard and focus on nurturing the heart, mind and body of today’s young athlete. Reggie Marra offers a blueprint that encourages our children to become not only better athletes but better people. He delivers a powerful message filled with humanity and honest answers to questions that we sometimes think but may not want to ask. The Quality of Effort is a wonderful read and I would recommend it to anyone who works with kids, is a kid, or is living vicariously through their kids (you know who you are).”
– Anthony Perrone, VP, Challenger Division, Cortland American Little League

“The Quality of Effort has helped me reinterpret my career as a professional athlete – providing both relief and direction. The book’s message would have been invaluable years ago when I was starting out as well as at the height of my career. Reggie Marra offers a map to tomorrow’s competitive edge, a map that requires effort – not necessarily in doing more drills or pushups, but in taking responsibility for all aspects of your approach to life.”
– Ryan Leech, Professional Mountain Biker (Retired) and Integral Master Coach,™ http://ryanleech.
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